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2008 Emmy Award

Winner 2008 Emmy Award Outstanding Nonfiction Series as part of American Masters
NY Times review for PETE SEEGER: The Power of Song

Hammering Out Songs of Freedom (and Nuance)


As he ambles through his 80s, Pete Seeger has been collecting his share of tributes: honors at the Kennedy Center from President Bill Clinton; a paean from a fictional colleague in John Updike’s short story “Licks of Love”; a lively CD of folk songs from Bruce Springsteen and a gaggle of talented session players; a rousing song on Steve Earle’s latest album. Not that Mr. Seeger is one to sit around and bask in approbation. As the latest tribute — Jim Brown’s loving documentary, “Pete Seeger: The Power of Song” — makes clear, he’s still busy, still angry, still hopeful, still singing. More
Pete Seeger: The Power of Song - Seattle Times

A singalong love song of extraordinary tone
By Ted Fry

Near the end of this absorbing and marvelously constructed documentary about cultural icon Pete Seeger, the 88-year-old troubadour speaks some of his most ringing, yet typically eloquent words of everyman philosophy: "We've all got to get along to put the world together."
Coming from anyone else or at any other time, that would sound like the most Pollyanna of eye-rolling homilies. But after all the images and testimony we've seen, we truly believe it as it rolls plainly and honestly off the tongue of this gentle giant of American musical history. More


PETE SEEGER: THE POWER OF SONG, the only authorized biography of legendary artist and political activist Pete Seeger, is confirmed to premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday, April 29th.

In PETE SEEGER: THE POWER OF SONG, the only authorized biography, Jim Brown documents the life of one of the greatest American singer/songwriters of the last century. Pete Seeger was the architect of the folk revival, writing songs including “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” “Turn, Turn, Turn” and “If I Had A Hammer.”

Largely misunderstood by his critics, including the US government, for his views on peace, unionism, civil rights and ecology, Seeger was targeted by the communist witch hunt of the Fifties. He was picketed, protested, blacklisted, and, in spite of his enormous popularity, banned from American television for more than 17 years.

The film will premiere on Sunday April 29th, 8:30pm at the Pace University Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts with additional screenings during the Festival at AMC Village VII Theater 2 (Wed, May 2, 4:30pm), AMC Kips Bay Theater 12 (Fri, May 4, 5:30pm) and a special press screening on April 30th, 6:30pm, at the AMC 34th Street – Theater 12.

Combining never-before-seen archival footage and personal films made by Seeger and his wife Toshi, PETE SEEGER: THE POWER OF SONG chronicles the life of this legendary artist and political activist. The film serves as testament to Seeger’s belief in the power of song above all else and his conviction that individuals can make a difference. Musicians including Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Maines, Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Paxton and Peter, Paul and Mary appear in this intimate portrait and discuss Seeger’s lasting influence on the fabric of American music.

PETE SEEGER: THE POWER OF SONG was directed by Jim Brown and produced by Jim Brown, Michael Cohl, and William Eigen.

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